5 Mistakes When Booking A Photo Booth For Your Wedding

We are going to keep this short and sweet. Here’s what NOT to do when booking your photo booth:

1. Wait.. There Is More Than One Type Of Photo Booth?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when booking a photo booth for your special day is not knowing what you are getting. What many people don’t realize is that there is a wide variety of photo booths available and your decision all depends on what you are wanting it to offer. Here are some suggestions!

  • Open-Air Photo Booth

Widely recognized as one of the most popular photo booths available, this booth-less station not only allows for large group photos but can come equipped with props and even the capability to personalize a custom backdrop!

  • Old School Photo Booth

Who doesn’t enjoy a classic? Cozy up to your neighbor and pull a funny face in 3… 2… 1… SNAP! Don’t forget to grab your picture at the printout, just outside of the booth! This can also come with props and the option to print multiple copies.

  • Car/Trailer Photo Booth

Complete your photo booth experience by transforming an old forgotten car/trailer into a vibrant photo booth! This option allows your guests to step into a booth designed with your very own desired theme! Perfect for outdoor events and will surely never be forgotten again..

  • GIF Photo Booth

If a still photo is too boring for your glamorous wedding, take a look at the GIF booths! Your guests will surely love dressing up and then dancing around the booth to create a unique animated GIF. This booth also gives you the capability to share via social media.


2. Scheduling Is KEY

As you probably know by now, you can’t possibly conduct a wedding without having some type of schedule to run off of. It’s common that when booking a photo booth, people don’t typically consider when the booth will actually be up and running for their guests to use. We always recommend having your booth ready to go at the beginning of the wedding just as your guests start to arrive, also known as the cocktail hour. Having your booth open at the start will allow your guests to jump inside and pose before the traditional events begin. We also recommend that you close the booth during dinner, this is what we consider to be wasted “idle time.”


3. Make Sure The Company Is Insured!!

The LAST thing you want on your wedding day is to have you or one of your beloved guests get hurt while using the photo booth.. On the rare occasion that this does occur, it is crucial that the company has insurance to back them! Another reoccurring issue is that most venues require the photo booth company to be additionally insured and have a Certificate of Insurance (COI).


4. Know Who Is Behind the Booth

Reviews. Reviews. Reviews. Listen to what people have to say about past booking experiences. It is very important to find a good company that will deliver and meet your expectations. Many low priced photo booth companies will market a beautiful, multi-function booth, all at a low price beating out any competition.. well, don’t be surprised when they show up with a cardboard backdrop. Believe me when I say, you get what you pay for. Most reputable companies will also supply you in advance with the name, phone number, and set up time for the booth attendant that will be at your wedding.


5. It’s All About The Placement

Here are some things to consider when placing your booth at the venue:

  • If your wedding is outdoors… it is vital that you have a POWER SOURCE. It is also appreciated to provide a shaded area due to the booths overheating.

  • If your wedding is inside… don’t make your guests trek 30 minutes trying to find the photo booth. When placed down the hall and around the corner your photo booth won’t be taken advantage of. Remember this - out of sight = out of mind.

    Lastly, make sure to consider what booth type you chose when deciding the placement. For example, you wouldn’t want to put an enclosed booth outside in the sun because that would just be.. well, MISERABLE FOR EVERYONE. An open-air booth would be much more practical for that particular situation.