Behind The Scenes: Cowboys cooking Chinese food

From mechanical bulls to cowboys cooking Chinese food, Michael Smith didn’t quite know what he was getting himself into when he set out for Ely, Nevada on the afternoon of June 4th..

A mere five days before, Michael received an email from a frantic high school pleading for one of our booths since their scheduled photo booth had just canceled on them. With it being a short four-hour drive and it happening to fall on an uneventful Monday night, he jumped on the opportunity. For any event, it is customary to give a one hour booth setup time prior to the event starting. With this information in mind, Michael decided he would leave around 4 PM giving himself extra time to set up the booth.

The day of the event, Michael headed out to tackle the thrilling desert drive. Soon after, he realized that he didn’t take the time change into consideration… resulting in two full hours of spare time! While pondering what could possibly occupy his time before the grad night event, he stumbled upon a Chinese restaurant. But wait.. Cowboys cooking Chinese food?... With caution, Michael proceeded into the restaurant and enjoyed himself to some surprisingly delicious Chinese grub.

Now with a very full belly, the time had finally come to head over to the High School. As Michael entered the school to set up his photo booth, a conversation arose with one of the students. He mentioned how he hadn’t considered the time change so to kill his spare time he ate at a Chinese restaurant. The student ecstatically responded with, "Yummm!!”, so apparently Michael had the honor of eating at THE  gourmet Chinese restaurant without even knowing it. What a lucky guy! The high school grad night turned out to be a very lively event, with entertainment such as a mechanical bull, a money tube, a raffle, and of course tons of prizes for the going away seniors. With the event ending around 1 AM, it turned out to be a very late night for Michael. He rapidly took down the booth and was on the road, ready to conquer his four-hour drive.

Later on, when asked, he didn’t care too much about the time change before the event, two hours can easily be killed when you are enjoying some Chinese food. The worst part about his trip was arriving home at 6 AM the next morning and then having to wake up for work a few short hours later.  



Meet the man himself... Michael Smith

Michael Smith