Outdoor event? The enclosed photo booth is NOT for you...

The outdoors open up so many opportunities when it comes to event planning. You don’t have the stress of limited space, and having to cut down your guest list as a result. When outside, you are also surrounded by nature and that beautifull scenery will surely amp up any style decor. While I sit here and ramble on and on about how great the outdoors can be for events, I do have one piece of advice for you… do NOT rent an enclosed photo booth.


We have all experienced this before right? You grab eight of your friends, pile in the photo booth, and then explode out the sides just for a breath of fresh air. As great as the enclosed booths are for private, more intimate settings; they are not meant for large gatherings or to be placed outside in the elements. After years of experience, and over 3500+ events under our belt, we are sort of experts at this and wanted to share our top three reasons as to why enclosed booths and nature were NOT meant to become one…

  1. BUGS

    With any outdoor event, you are going to witness the arrival of some very unwanted guests. However, the enclosed booth seems to become a target for these pesty bugs. Your guests will not want to sit in an enclosed box, trapped with the bugs, and have to wasp them away from their face. We don’t blame them.. but with none of your guests using the booth, it will sit there completely unused.

  2. HEAT

    Warm, sunny, beautiful blue sky day… seems like the perfect weather for an outdoor event right? This is 100% correct, aside from the enclosed photo booth. Heat is your worst nightmare when crammed in a booth trying to take pictures. As it sits and basks in the heat, it will only get worse. Eventually, not only will your guests not want to use it, but the heat will also start to effect the equipment as well. Once the booth is overheated the operating system will become overheated leaving the booth completely unable to use for a tbd amount of time.

  3. WIND

    This uncontrollable element can surely ruin any parties day. As the gusts of wind take food, table cloths, chairs, trash cans, dogs, whatever else it has in reach, it will also have a huge effect on your pictures. You’d think that an enclosed booth meant you were safe from the wind right? Well, the doors to get in and out of the booth are enclosed by curtains and you can probably guess the effect that wind has on curtains…

We hate to be the bear of bad news, so we are happy to supply some relief to your photo booth worries. As we have stated above, enclosed booths are NOT meant for outdoor events, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an open style photo booth! Here at Clementine we have a wide variety of open style booths to match any event type. Visit our website clementinephotobooth.rentals to find the perfect photo booth for your next event.

On Deck:

Why rent a photo booth for your next event?.. Next week we will go over different ways that the photo booth can be used; it will bring life to any event, whether it be for school, a fundraiser, sponsorship, etc.

Michael Smith