Why Photo Booths Are Great For Any Event

With the photo booth craze back on the rise, we would hate for you to get left in the dust. If you have recently attended a wedding, you most likely have had the opportunity to have fun with your friends while taking embarrassing photos in a booth. There are an abundant amount of people requesting photo booths for their events, and we are here to tell you that they are great for more than just weddings! A photo booth will not only bring excitement and entertainment, but they are a great way for people to bond with one another.

Here are some avenues you might not have considered that truly fit great with renting a photo booth!

  • School Events

    Whether you are planning your high school prom or a festival at your local elementary school, photo booths are perfect for any school event. This will provide your event with more than just photos, a booth will provide your students with an experience. With the younger generations loving to take selfies and candid pictures with their peers, the photo booth will allow them to capture these moments and then have a memory keepsake as well.

    If you’re worried about student privacy, make sure that the photo booth company provides levels of security through direct links and password protection. Check out how Clementine provides the safest private galleries for your school events! — clementinephotoboothschoolrentals

  • Fundraisers

    Photo booths are a great source for social sharing while hosting a fundraiser/charity event. It will allow you to brand your logo, spread awareness, AND it will create a very memorable experience for your supporters. You can also make/add in props that tie in with your particular fundraiser creating the ultimate experience.

    Check out this humbling suicide awareness event we had the opportunity to be a part of! The Out of The Darkness Walk is truly astonishing. — Out of The Darkness blog

  • Sponsors

    Tying in with fundraising/charity events, sponsorship is a great way to help spread your brand. Whether it be donating money to a fundraiser, or supplying money to rent the photo booth itself, your brand logo will be spread on hundreds of supporters photo booth images. Not only can you feel honored to have contributed to that particular charity, but it is also an easy way for you to spread your brand across large demographics.

Now, while we highly recommend renting a photo booth, it is very important to consider what type of booth will work best at your event. Read about booth options, and mistakes to avoid when renting — 5 mistakes when booking a photo booth

On Deck:

When renting a photo booth, is it a requirement to tip the attendant? Next week we will open the awkward, unwanted conversation about tipping.

Michael Smith