Newly engaged? Here's a step by step guide to planning your big day

Not every one has experience planning and/or coordinating large parties, and if your wedding is your first rodeo, then there is surely going to be an abundant amount of stress. Don’t be scared! We understand that it’s your big day and you want everything to go as planned. This is why we have created a simple step by step guide to help ease the count down to your big day. 💍
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  1. Budget

    Deciding on your budget is the first step. Without a set budget you have no platform for the rest of the planning. You wouldn’t want to fall in love with a venue, dress, vendor, etc. and then quickly realize that it is out of your range. So, take time to sit down with your fiancé, parents, or any other contributors to come up with a final budget.

  2. Set the date

    This is a time to be open and flexible. Sit down with your partner and discuss any must-haves, calendar dilemmas, and what time of year you would like to have your big day. It is recommended to plan a few potential dates before looking at venues. You might consider weekday weddings, or an off season wedding to help save money. Also, when narrowing down your dates, it is important to take into consideration any work, school, family obligations, etc. that will conflict with your dates.

  3. Location

    Location. Location. Location. There are many factors that play into your desired location… more than you probably realize. The time of year you want to get married, the theme of your wedding, finding a venue big enough to fit your wedding. These are all key components to consider when planning/booking your dream location. Also, before booking, make sure to do your research - read online reviews, visit the venue in person with your partner, ask questions! Once the dotted line is signed at the bottom of the contract, that’s when the wedding date is officially set and the real fun begins.

  4. Attendees

    While this is not a finalized guest list, it is important to get an estimated count early on. The number of guests is particularly important when looking at your budget, and venue selection. Do not over invite. If you push your venue’s capacity limit and invite more than the space can handle, everyone will suffer. After sending invitations, you will likely receive regrets, but it’s not worth risking it!

  5. Entertainment

    With vendor dates normally booking up quickly, this is something to discuss early on. Entertainment has a massive impact on the party aspect of your wedding, and will help create a very memorable experience for your guests. There is a huge variety when it comes to entertainment: live music, photo booths (Clementine Photo Booths obviously), yard games, circus acts… anything you could dream of really. Find entertainment that not only fits your wedding theme, but something that you and your partner will actually enjoy. After all, this is YOUR day.

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