Get creative with your backdrop! Check out these 5 booth backdrop ideas

Whether you’re hosting a wedding, birthday party, graduation, or any other celebration, you’ll want to supply your guests with countless memories to leave with. Photo booth rentals are the perfect entertainment, and will make your event stand out from any other. Check out these 5 unique booth backdrops that will surely level up your party!

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  • Flower Power

    For this statement piece, you are going to need a lot of flowers.. However, going floral will create a mesmerizing experience for your guests. Plus it looks fantastic in the pictures!

  • Solid Color

    Match your party theme, or simply pick your favorite color. Solid backdrops are extremely versatile, and pair great with accessories and/or props.

  • Green Machine

    Go green for your event! Everyone will love a faux greenery wall inspired by nature. The lush green will add rich color to your pictures, and goes great with all decor.

  • Dazzle With Sequins

    Looking for a flashy yet sophisticated look? Sequins are on the rise for backdrops! Not only do these work great at any event, but they will leave your guests feeling dazzled.

  • Green Screen

    If you can’t find the right backdrop to match, or you want something that’s one of a kind, a green screen is the perfect option for you! Pick from unlimited digital backdrop images that will transport your guests to places far far away.

The sky is the limit when achieving your backdrop dreams. If none of the above seem to be what you are looking for, follow this link —> DIY Photo Backdrops

Untitled design-6.jpg

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