Benefits of renting a photo booth for your event

  • Most photo booths are totally affordable

    As the photo booth industry continues to grow, the average cost of rentals are leveling at a very affordable cost. The average rental price falls around $300-$500. This price will vary based on desired time frame, and also any additional features you wish to include.

  • They are great for any occasion

    Weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, and more! Photo booths are a great source of entertainment no matter the event type.

  • Flexible rental times AND no work on your end

    With flexible rental packages ranging anywhere from 2-8 hours, it shouldn't be a problem finding the perfect time frame for your booth. Most rentals will also come with an operator to insure that things run smoothly at your event, and help get your guests excited about the experience! PLUS having a booth operator onsite will allow you to sit back and enjoy the party stress free!

  • Customize photos to match the theme of your event

    When you have the option to customize your photo booth images, take the time and pay attention to the small details. Get creative by matching your event’s color palette, or adding a custom brand logo. This will surely give your images their own unique sparkle.

  • Variety of booth types to choose from

    Wait there’s more than one type of photo booth?… You have options! Do your research before hand, and find what booth will best fit your event type, space, and the number of guests. Check out our top 3 booth options —> Clementine Has The Booth For You!

  • Entertainment AND a party favor all in one

    Not only will the photo booth provide a super fun experience for your guests, but it also gives them a keepsake to take home and remember what a great time they had.

  • Props are included

    Props are by far one of the best features of your photo booth rental. Funny hats, glasses, and masks will amp up the overall experience for your guests. It’s pretty customary for the rental company to supply props, and some even provide special themed event props for an additional cost!

On Deck:

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Michael Smith