Advice on planning your own wedding

Let’s be honest, planning your dream wedding can feel pretty overwhelming. With advice being thrown at you from friends, family, blogs, bridal magazines, etc., it can leave your head feeling like it’s about to burst. Luckily, we are here to offer some real advice you might not have considered.

Fashion Police

Don’t go dress shopping all by yourself! Not only will all the gowns start to look the same, but it’s important to get an honest opinion from your entourage. Plus, getting to play dress up with your closest friends and family is part of the fun experience!

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Do-Not-Play List for DJ

While you might have started a playlist for you and your honey long before the engagement actually happened, it’s unlikely that you planned for unwanted songs. Save the trouble of drunken song requests, and write out a do-not-play list for your DJ during the reception.

Your Day-Of Contact

Many brides assume that on their wedding day they will have time to instruct vendors on where/when to set up. However, with your plate being pretty fun on the big day, it’s helpful to assign a friend/family member to be the first point of contact for vendors. You may still have to be pulled into decisions, but let someone else take on the initial call.

Compose a List of Priorities

Take some time to sit down with your fiancé and figure out the most important aspects of your wedding. Is it a dreamy venue? The food? Prioritizing these few details will allow you to compromise on other aspects, and stay within your budget!

On Deck:

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Michael Smith