NAMIWalk 2019


Join the movement for mental health by attending one of the 100+ NAMIWalks this year. Each NAMIWalk is a 5k event that helps to not only raise awareness about mental illness, but it also raises funds for all the wonderful NAMI organizations across the country.

On May 4th, we had the opportunity to join NAMIWalks Northern California for their 10th annual NAMIWalk event. It was wonderful to meet all of the amazing walkers, teams, volunteers, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and other participants! Listening to all the powerful people share their stories was truly inspirational.

Want to learn more about NAMIWalks? Visit NAMI’s website for more information, to get involved, and donate!

What’s Next for NAMI?

Be sure to check out all of their upcoming awareness events!

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Why rent a photo booth for your event?

There’s no denying that photo booths are a great addition to any event, especially charity fundraising events. But did you know they can supply more than just entertainment for your guests/supporters? Check out these benefits of photo booth marketing!

  1. Putting brands in the spotlight

    The advantage of a social media kiosk is HUGE. Most modern booths can now be customized to not only reflect the brand’s look, but you have the option to add logos to every photo as well. To further boost a brand, the kiosk itself can be wrapped in a custom skin to match your brand’s look. This is a great selling feature when on the hunt for sponsorship.

  2. Amplifies social media exposure for event and sponsors

    One of the main reasons businesses get involved with charity events is for the large amount of exposure. Photo booth social sharing makes this extremely easy with the option for your guests to instantly share their branded images to almost all avenues of social media. Not only will this generate organic exposure, but everyone sharing photos can also be seen as brand advocates!

  3. Collecting data on event attendees

    This is hands down the top benefit of renting a photo booth for your event. When sharing their images to social media and/or email, attendees are prompted to input their name and email address in a collection form. This not only allows for further connection, but it’s also very valuable to your sponsors.

Want to learn more? Click here to get more information on our photo booth, and social media kiosk.

On Deck:

First time renting a photo booth? Here are the questions you need to be asking.

Michael Smith