Here's how to get your hubby involved with the wedding planning


Despite every bride’s desire to take charge with the wedding planning, many women increasingly wish to get their hubby’s more involved with the process. With the huge amount of stress that comes with wedding planning, a bride can easily become frustrated when her soon-to-be hubby leaves her with ALL the decisions. Don’t sweat it, we are here to help! Check out these 5 ways to get your partner more involved with the big day.

Get him involved from the start

After the excitement from the engagement has calmed, it’s time to get down to the planning. It’s important to involve your groom from the very start. Make a list of “must have’s” or “must not’s” for your wedding. This will not only voice his wants and needs, but help set realistic expectations for your big day.

Listen to his input

If you’re going to ask your groom for help, make sure that you are welcoming his ideas with an open mind. Don’t just simply ask him to approve your decisions. When your groom feels that his opinions are truly valued, he will be more inclined to help.

Register together

When shopping for your wedding registry, don’t just make it about your wants. These are household items that you will be sharing together for years, and they should match your needs as a couple. If your groom insists that he doesn’t care, having him help pick out cool electronics or gadgets will probably change his mind.

Friendly competition

The months leading up to your wedding can be complete chaos, keep the planning light and fun with small competitions. Tedious tasks such as sending wedding invitations can feel never ending. Make things competitive and see who can send out the most invitations for the night. The loser has to buy dinner!

Complete control

Rather than giving your groom a to-do list, let him get in touch with his creative side. If he is a food lover, let him take control of the menu. If he is the life of the party, then tell him to research and book your wedding’s entertainment. It will be a million times more exciting for your partner to surprise you with their ideas, rather than having them just check off another item on the list.

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Booking a vendor can be tricky. Next week we are offering some advice on how to keep in contact even after your booking is confirmed, and why it will be SO important!

Michael Smith