Here's why photo booths are a great addition for corporate events

Contemplating about how to make your next corporate event amazing, and budget friendly? Photo booths are not only super affordable, but they also get your guests connected. With customizable options to help immerse your brand in the theme, they are the perfect entertainment experience that will keep everyone talking.

Here are 5 reasons why you NEED to rent a photo booth for your next corporate event:


Many clients that are hosting custom events need a branding touch-point at every level of the booth experience. They are looking for the “WOW” factor. With all the different customizable options that a photo booth offers, it’s easy to heighten your brands exposure with custom wraps, social stations, white label interfaces, and custom backdrops! Put your logo front and center, or all of the wonderful sponsors that you would like to showcase.


Tracking the events analytics and social engagements is key, and with the social sharing station it’s incredibly easy to do! By using social and data stations, an engagement platform can be created not only giving users access to their photos immediately through text and email, but it allows brands to collect meaningful consumer data as well.


  • Data capture

  • Sessions / Shares

  • Impressions

  • Reach


At big corporate events, not very many people will know one another, and we’ve all experienced that predictable awkward silence when standing by a complete stranger. As people start to fall in line for their turn at the photo booth, the awkward silence will start to evaporate because of the opportunity for some unexpected fun. Conversations start to flow more easily when participating in a shared experience, allowing for people to talk casually about a lot of things. It can even become a way for event planners and hosts to interact with the attendees, creating a very warm and friendly atmosphere.


Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools in this day and age. With the evolving industry, photo booths now give the users an option to instantly upload their photos to a social media platform of their choice. With the capability of generating thousands of impressions online, this will maximize exposure for your event. Even after the event has ended, as the social posts continue to get interactions, your event and brand will stay fresh on people’s minds for long after.


Taking pictures is one of the best ways to capture a fun experience. As your guests step inside to capture the fun event with their friends, the photo booth creates an experience that using a smartphone simply cannot. Photo booths provide high quality physical copies of pictures that can also be taken home as a party favor. It is a guaranteed way to make your event a lasting memory.

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Here at Clementine we like to take things a step further… Not only are our booths great for experiential and viral marketing, but we also know how to give your guests the celebrity treatment. Check out our Red Carpet Experience! Not only is the red carpet iconic around the world, but it also comes with a custom branded step-and-repeat backdrop. This is perfect for events that are looking for celebrity style brand engagement.

On Deck:

After the engagement excitement has simmered, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty. Wedding planning can be extremely exhausting and time consuming. Don’t do it alone! Next week, join us as we discuss how to get your hubby involved with the planning.

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