Using venue to create a stunning backdrop


Not only is the photo booth a great source of entertainment, but it can also easily be incorporated into your event! One of the best, and easiest ways to incorporate the booth is through an open backdrop. It’s as simple as choosing an exposed wall, or open area at your venue. This will help to create and open environment showcasing your beautiful venue, AND it will create stunning pictures!

Many people prefer this method for a couple of reasons -

  • It can save money

    When exploring your backdrop options, it’s okay to not pick the generic samples that simply do not fit with the flare of your event. Instead of spending extra money on fancy custom made backdrops, enjoy the money already put forth in the venue and make it your own! Having an elegant venue as your backdrop will trump almost anything.

  • Avoids taking up venue space

    Photo booths tend not to be a large frame set-up, that’s one of the reasons they are so great!. However, they are a lot more noticeable when you have a 8 ft backdrop sitting in the middle of the room… Taking the backdrop out of the equation will help to keep the space feeling open.

  • Captures the feel of the venue

    Romance, modern, tropical oasis… There are many possible reasons as to why you chose your specific venue. After all the stress and planning you put forth, it’s important to make sure that every aspect fits with the feel of your event. Displaying your beautiful venue in the photo booth pictures will create the ultimate wow factor.

Plenty of venues have spectacular features that make for a perfect backdrop!

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