How to save money on your wedding

Looking for easy ways to cut down your wedding budget? Here are 5 great ideas on how to modify, and help save some money without anyone noticing!

1 - Trim the guest list

We know that cutting down your guest list can be tricky, but it is the easiest way to reduce your budget. It will help lower expenses such as catering, venue size, and invitation costs.

2 - Host it all in one place

Hosting your ceremony and reception at the same location will not only cut down on venue costs, but it will cut travel time for vendors that you’d normally have to pay by the hour.

3 - Skip weekends

As fun and convenient as weekend weddings can be, weekend venue rates are significantly higher than a weekday.

4 - Consider non-floral decor

If flowers aren’t your taste, then why splurge on them? Try adding unique elements to your wedding such as candles, photo albums, balloons, or any other decor that sparks your interest.

5 - Limit your bar

Having an open bar is a fantastic plus for a wedding. However, that does not mean you need to have limitless options for drink choice. Stock the bar with beer, wine, a signature cocktail, or a combination of all three.

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