WIPA membership


Exciting News!

When working in the wedding industry, you get to experience an abundance of joy every time you help a beautiful couple celebrate their special day. Even with 3,600+ events under our belt, we strive to find new and improved ways to advance our keen eye for wedding details. We are very excited to announce that in our continuing journey, we have started our membership with WIPA Utah! Now, not only do we get to work with all of our wonderful clients, but we also get to work with the top industry professionals! How cool is that?

What is WIPA?

WIPA (Weddings International Professionals Association) is a non-profit organization filled with the top industry professionals. They aim to not only educate their members, but they also create amazing networking opportunities within the industry!

What are the benefits of hiring a WIPA vendor?

  • Vendors MUST be insured

    It is crucial to confirm that all vendors working at your wedding are insured. Not only will this confirmation bring ease, but most venues require vendors to be additionally insured and provide a COI.

  • Vendors must provide a current business license

    Now, varying states will have different rules when it comes to licensing. However, we strongly recommend only hiring vendors that can provide you a current business license. This way you know that you are hiring/paying a legit business that will show up, and provide the service promised.

  • All vendors have 3+ years of experience in the industry

    Experience is key. When you hire a vendor that has years of experience under their belt, they normally have an uber amount of knowledge for their beloved industry. They have jumped through the hoops, made it through the craziness, and will use their knowledge from years prior to help make your big day run as smoothly as possible.

Michael Smith