How to monetize a photo booth

The photo booth business can be an extremely fun and interesting way to make money! However, just like any startup company, there will be quirks to work through. Owning a photo booth isn’t as simple as setting up shop, and then walking away. You will constantly have to bring out your creativity in order to sell your product, and find your way into profitable markets. While starting your own business is never an easy ride, it’s definitely a rewarding one.

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The Benefits

  • Freedom

    When you decide to become your own boss, there are many benefits to look forward to. However, the most obvious benefit is the type of freedom that it offers you. With this said freedom comes a flexible schedule, the power to accept or decline bookings, and the option to control your own destiny.

  • Money

    With the photo booth industry on the rise, this gig has the potential to make a fair amount of money. Your pay will depend on your location, and situation. Running a photo booth is a fun, and relatively stress-free way to make money. It is highly likely that you can successfully turn a profit!

  • Personal fulfillment

    Owning and running your business will absolutely be more satisfying and fulfilling than working for someone else. You will also earn respect from your peers for having the courage to step out on the limb and go out on your own.

How to Find Customers

  • Market yourself online

    This will not come as a surprise. Your business will have an extremely hard time establishing itself if you don’t have an online presence. You need a website. You need to jump on the social media train, and post frequently. You need to make yourself look more appealing to customers than any other competition out there.

  • Organic leads

    When it comes to marketing your business, one of the easiest ways to spread good reviews is simply through WOM (word of mouth) marketing. Even though WOM reaches fewer people compared to an online platform, it can be extremely beneficial for you business and it should not be overlooked.

Making Money

  • Branded photo booth rentals

    Working with corporations or an event sponsor can be huge for you business. Providing them with the branded booth option will surely spark their interest. Corporate/sponsor events are looking for that “WOW’ factor in order to engage with the audience. The branded booth is the perfect way for a company to gain brad exposure and connect with their guests in a memorable way!

  • Add a photo booth to an existing business

    Whether you are a photographer, a retail store owner, or an event planner, adding a photo booth to your existing business is a great way to gain exposure. The photo booth will not only be a super fun touch, but you will also enjoy the face-to-face interactions, all while generating future leads.

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On Deck:

Not only will renting a photo booth be a great source of entertainment at your event, but you can also add your very own unique details! Join us next week as we overview some of the most creative custom photo strips, and why this is a HUGE plus.

Michael Smith