Hosting a corporate event? Here's how the photo booth can help generate leads

Photo booths are a fantastic way to utilize photo marketing entertainment! Photo marketing is a powerful tool, but there is more to it than just handing out photo strips with your logo on them. Here at Clementine, our packages are designed to accomplish three fundamental goals.

  1. Brand engagement - Every element from the photo strips, interact screens, physical booth, background, and automated emails can all be themed and branded.

  2. Brand exposure - The sharing station gets the images into your guests photos, and on social media. Organically promoting both your brand and event.

  3. Brand growth - Data capture allows the ability to capture up to 4 points of data including name and contact information for attendees.

There are several options when deciding what booth will best fit your event:

Traditional Photo Booth

Traditional booths are still the number one most utilized photo marketing entertainment experience. Our modernized booths, and social media sharing stations allow you to maximize your activity’s impact with a totally branded experience. Plus, your custom designed photo strips are ready for your attendees in a matter of seconds!

Digital Booths

The Digital Booth produces animated GIF and Boomerang videos to take your experiential brand activation to the next level. Animated GIF and Boomerang videos are booming across social media platforms as some of the most shareable content available. Branded with your company’s logo, these videos are guaranteed to boost your social media presence. Reporting is available to track the number of shares your videos get across multiple platforms.

The Slow Motion Booth

TSMB stands shoulders above all other activation experiences. Guests are coached through filming high energy, fast paced videos with instant playback in slow motion. The Slow Motion Booth is ideal for viral marketing. Our record is 1.7 million views within a 24 hour period on Youtube!

The Red Carpet Booth

The red carpet experience is iconic around the world. Our Red Carpet Booth includes a custom branded step-and-repeat background. Perfect for events where you want celebrity style brand engagement.

Snapchat Filters

Snapchat filters: photo filters are what catapulted Snapchat into a social media giant. Adding one of our custom Snapchat filters to match your booth experience allows your to fully capitalize your viral market efforts. It’s the final piece to tie everything together, and allows your guests to continue engaging with your brand.

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On Deck:

Is it too early to talk Christmas?..


Next week we will highlight why photo booths are a great idea for office holiday parties 🎅🏼

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