Vendor Timeline

We understand that planning your event can sometimes feel like a confusing game of sudoku. With each puzzle comes dozens of interlocking pieces. Your vendors are responsible for helping bring those pieces together. It’s a big undertaking, but you’ve got this! We are here to help you stay organized, and move through your vendor booking process with ease.

  1. Event/Wedding Planner -

    Hiring a planner for your event comes with huge benefits. Not only will they help you with the planning process, but many professional planners come with a set of trusted vendors they can recommend.

  2. Venue -

    This one is a biggie! You’ll want to reserve your venue ASAP, especially if you are planning your event around a favored season and/or holiday. When choosing your venue keep in mind that the particular location may determine which other vendors you’ll be working with.

  3. Photographer -

    Photographers can play an essential role, especially when talking weddings. With the industry booming, you’ll have an array of photographers to choose from. When looking, it’s important to consider their style and cost, but also make sure that you get along well with the pro. "Your photographer is the mouthpiece for all of your planning, designing, and execution. Securing someone who speaks your language is important," says Britt Chudleigh of Britt Chudleigh Weddings.

  4. Music/Entertainment -

    Having a great band/music will get your guests energy up and to the dance floor. It can also set the ambiance for your event, so make sure that it fits well with your overall theme. With the increased demand for unique event entertainment, the options are endless! If you have a particular performance in mind, then don’t procrastinate.. there may be a limited number in your location.

  5. Rentals -

    If your venue doesn’t provide any rentals, then you will have to hire an outside rental company to provide all of the necessary items such as tables, chairs, linens, etc. It’s important to work with your venue, caterer, and planner to ensure that you rent all of the needed items, and in the proper quantities.

  6. Transportation -

    Hiring transportation is a good idea to ensure that everyone arrives safely and on time. Be sure to do your research to find a reputable transportation company.

  7. Favors -

    Guest favors should reflect your event style, and personality. It’s important to purchase your wedding favors in a timely matter so that you have enough time for personalization and special packaging.

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On Deck:

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